Simplified and transparent
Empowering the tenant

Self-sufficient application to manage your property from A to Z. The application where everything is digitalized for both landlord and tenant. Convenience, transparency, security and efficiency are the keywords and the result is costumer satisfaction at a higher level. Are you ready to innovate? We are working on it…..

Key Features

we make us of

Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence

  • Chatbot for Q&A
  • Multiple language agreements
  • Automated rental process (e.g. moving)
  • Maintenance & repairing via smart contracts
  • Restyle & renovation dialogue
  • Reviewing services & landlord
  • Rewarding participation
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App Sceenshots


Brightlands Smart Services Campus
Smedestraat 2
6411CR Heerlen

Launch in March 2019

Are you ready to innovate? We are working on it.....

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